Monday, October 5, 2015

Jack the Ripper identity revealed? Killer was Victorian MUSICIAN 'protected by Freemasons'

Another one. Yawn!

The most disturbing thing is this has also been churned up before by Martin Short and Christopher Knight, who did an equally appalling bad job.

Mr Robinson claims to have found discovered a conspiracy so complex that he could hardly face another day investigating the "repugnant man and his repugnant protectors" during his research for the 800-page book. 

And I'm not going to spend a second more reading your repugnant book.

I am amazed that such amateurs think they have something to offer this investigation so long after they took place. It is hugely disrespectful to the victims.

Jack the Ripper: Latest theory claims the serial killer was a singer protected by Freemasons

Oh dear. Not that old chestnut again. More "subjective validation" and "spurious correlations".

I would refer the (un)learned gentleman to the first page of the book of constitutions:

Summary of the
to be read by the Secretary (or acting Secretary),
to the MASTER ELECT, prior to his
Installation into the Chair of a Lodge
1. You agree to be a good Man and true, and strictly to obey the moral law.
2. You are to be a peaceable Subject, and cheerfully to conform to the laws of the country in which you reside.
3. You promise not to be concerned in plots or Conspiracies against Government, but patiently to submit to the decisions of the Supreme Legislature.
4. You agree to pay a proper respect to the Civil Magistrate, to work diligently, live creditably, and act honourably by all Men.

This book is available from any masonic store. It is in the public domain.

Also the third degree actually states:

"My breast shall be the scared repository of all his lawful secrets as my own when entrusted to me as such. Murder, treason, felony and all other crimes contrary to the Laws of God or the ordinances of the realm being at all times most especially excepted...."

Unfortunately these "little pieces" of information are (conveniently) omitted from this narrative (otherwise the story would not make any sense as a conspiracy).