Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Judge in Sports Direct Rangers case insists 'I'm not a Freemason'

I have to say I find the tone of anti-masonic propaganda offensive. "Accused" of being a Freemason; sometimes you will hear "admitted" to being a Freemason. As if there was something wrong?

I mean, you don't hear of someone "accused" of being a fisherman, or "accused" of being a golfer. How about a story like "Fred from Somerset admitted to being a Scout when he was younger. He said he was lead astray by Akela but has since come to terms with his Scouting past".

What complete balderdash! Freemasonry is a hobby.

Monday, January 18, 2016

War and Peace

A few people have remarked in the media on last night's episode of War and Peace. Despite Wikipedia saying this is a "substantial subplot" Freemasonry is only mentioned three times in the book:
1. Book 2, Part 1 Chapter 2 deals with the meeting Bazdeyev the Freemason. and Pierre's initiation (p.409)
2. Book 2, Part 1 Chapter 12 was the discussion the Pierre had with Prince Andrei (p.453)
3. Book 2, Part 3, Chapter 7 discusses his involvement in St Petersburg Freemasonry (p.508)
(Book pages are from the Penguin Classic version of 1978)
I have to say the BBC version (Part 2 of War and Peace) was as accurate as time would have allowed. It was quite refreshing to hear Freemasonry described authentically as an "ethical system that promotes good citizenship behaviour" (but not using those words).
Considering the last portrayal of Freemasonry was "Dancing on the Edge" which had the usual conspiracy themes, War and Peace was a healthy departure.
As to the initiation ceremony, it is what we would think of as a raising ceremony. It was described an initiation ceremony, though. We are told in the book this version of Freemasonry has been directly "imported" (if that is the right word) from Scotland.
These are the only references to Freemasonry in War and Peace. So I wouldn't spend your Sundays waiting for a further Masonic References (unless of course I missed them).