Thursday, March 20, 2014

17 Of The Most Influential Freemasons Ever

More inaccuracies than you can wave a stick at, along with that most annoying meme that 33rd degree Freemasonry (Rose Croix) is the ultimate degree in Freemasonry. Once more, with passion IT'S A SIDE DEGREE!! (It's actually an American 'import', so to speak).

Yes, Winston Churchill was a Freemason (but he didn't stick around for long).

There is a HUGE difference between the various Grand Lodges, especially between French Lodges and Freemasonry under the United Grand Lodge of England. Not all Grand Lodges are 'recognised' (which means they call themselves Freemasons, but what they do isn't recognised as being legitimate by many others).


interesting to see Steve Wozniak is a Freemason. From what I have seen of him, the man has genuine humility :-)